POD1UM Launch

Nov 01 2022

We believe that ambitious athletes, at all levels & locations, deserve access to the same quality of coaching and guidance available to the pros. So, we've built a platform to make this a reality!

Introducing POD1UM

POD1UM provides everyday athletes with access to the world’s leading performance specialists – first-in-class coaches training the top athletes and teams on a daily basis.

The platform delivers a one-stop-shop solution for athletes to explore listings and services that are specific to their particular sporting needs and training objectives.

Have you or your team ever wished you could access the most elite coaches in the sport industry? Today, POD1UM enables users to follow the same plan as the world’s top Olympians and professional athletes from any location in the world.

To stay on top of their game, aspiring athletes require the best possible structure to their performance plan, and POD1UM makes this achievable by connecting athletes everywhere with the services of those supporting the world’s best.


Following 24 months of feature development and Beta testing, POD1UM has officially launched!

As we onboard coaches from a multitude of sports and organisations from across the globe, an extensive range of listings for training plans, consultation services and valuable content will become available.

Join today for Free, and begin your best journey!

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Our mission is to connect driven athletes with the worlds best performance coaches, regardless of level or location. We're levelling the playing field, and making elite support accessible to all.

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