Training Plans

Ski Conditioning for Recreational Adult Skiers


Training Plan By Nick Ward

Strength & Conditioning


4 weeks

A 4-week progressive plan with workouts to develop strength, dynamic ability, and endurance for skiing. An ideal program for someone taking a skiing holiday in the next 8 weeks


Flat Bench
Outdoor Training Area
Medicine Balls
Adjustable Pulley
Watt Bike/Spin Bike
Assault AirBike
Foam Roll

Nick Ward



Strength & Conditioning Coach

Nick is currently the programs director and performance coach at ALTIS. ALTIS is an elite training environment for athletes, and a global leader in the provision of education for sport performance. His primary role is ithe delivery of the ALTIS Mentorship The complexity of managing both the performance and health of athletes is at the heart of his training philosophy. Almost 35 years on from starting as a coach, Nick is an active mountain athlete who helps people achieve their performance goals. He gets you doing the indoor things that help you do what you want outdoors. Ski Conditioning, trail running speed and agility, and training youth athletes are his specialties. He collaborates with the Performance Therapists at PT Revolution, the Tahoe Hub for Mountain Athletes.

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