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Welcome to Pod1um! I'm Nicole Rodriguez. My programs are tailored for modern players like you, who are dedicated to consistent training and mastering football-specific needs. Whether you're looking to enhance your performance on the field, mitigate injuries, or prepare your body for the dynamic challenges of today's game, I’m here to guide you through your micro and macrocycles. As a seasoned performance coach, I've led teams across the United States and Europe for nearly two decades. From guiding the US Soccer Men’s Olympic team in preparation for Paris 2024 to nurturing talent in the academy settling. I also serve as a consultant for RSCA Anderlecht in Belgium, supporting the Women’s and Boy’s Pathway, further enriching my global perspective on player development. My extensive experience includes working with esteemed organizations such as the Polish and Czech Football Federations, and prestigious names like EXOS and MBSC. My passion lies in helping players like you thrive.


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