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In Season Strength & Power - Fixture Congestion


Training Plan By Eoin Clarkin

Strength & Conditioning


4 weeks

This programme is designed for footballer players playing two games a week. It can be challenging to develop strength & power in season, particularly with so many games. Let us help you with this challenge by taking away the hard work. This programme will focus on 3 key windows of opportunity to help you perform all year round and give you the best chance to stay injury free: 1. Match Day -2/ +2 : This day will focus on postural restoration, mobility & low level Isometric strength & low impact power work. 2. Match Day -1 : This day will be high intensity strength & power work but LOW volume. This day will combine jumps, concentric only lifts & high intensity isometric work. 3. Post Game : This day will be used to target specific muscle groups. The focus will be high intensity and LOW volume bodyweight exercises with an eccentric theme. By loading post game, you can then use MD+1 to focus purely on recovery.


Flat Bench
Hyperextension 45°
Medicine Balls
Resistance Bands
Foam Roll
Mini Bands
HexBar (TrapBar)
Watt Bike/Spin Bike
Skipping Rope

Eoin Clarkin



Strength & Conditioning Coach

Eoin is the Lead Strength & Conditioning Coach for the Arsenal Senior Women's and Head of Athletic Performance for Irelands U21 Men's Team.

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