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Collision dominance - Muscle mass emphasis (3-day)


Training Plan By George Petrakos

Strength & Conditioning


4 weeks

Improve your BALL CARRY and TACKLE dominance. Increase the destructiveness of your carries with greater MOMENTUM. Knock the attack backwards with an enhanced LEG DRIVE. This is a 3-day plan. 2 & 4-day plans are available. Whilst this programme aims to increase muscle mass, an 'explosive power' version is also available on my listing.


Flat Bench
Medicine Balls
Resistance Bands
Squat Stands
Adjustable Pulley
Assault AirBike
Elliptical Machine
Skipping Rope
Watt Bike/Spin Bike
HexBar (TrapBar)
Adjustable Bench

George Petrakos



Strength & Conditioning Coach

My programmes provide specificity towards on-pitch performance events. I create variation depending on the number of days and weeks you can commit to improvement. I specialise in pitch-conditioning work, although the principles I use for both my weight-room and field-based work are the same principles I have used with Olympic, World & European medallists, British and Irish Lions and Scotland & England rugby union players. I will treat you no differently. I care about what matters to you. >7500 coaching hours Experiences accumulated from 7 sports and 14 years of coaching and programming alongside athletes wanting to be at the top of their game.

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