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Training Plan By Mikey Kiely

Strength & Conditioning


5 weeks

This plan is for an athlete who is content with their current size and aims to increase general and specific strength. The programme combines 4 gym sessions a week over a 5-week period. It is best suited for someone with moderate to good exposure to recent strength training or has completed the “Rising Player” or “Build Size programmes”. This programmes can be paired with cardio sessions at the athlete’s convenience. On completion of this training plan, it is advised that your S&C is continued for best performance. Increase Strength (Phase 2) or the Strength/Power pogramme which are to be released shortly would be most suitable following this plan.


Resistance Bands
Foam Roll
Flat Bench
Pull Up Bar
Adjustable Pulley
Medicine Balls
HexBar (TrapBar)
Squat Stands

Mikey Kiely



Strength & Conditioning Coach

Currently Head of Athletic Performance with Connacht Rugby, Mikey has coached numerous All Ireland winning teams at Under 21 and Senior Level. The latest successes came with the Limerick Senior Hurlers in 2020 & 2021. In a research capacity, Mikey has worked with Ireland's leading professional flat and national hunt jockeys. A masters in strength & conditioning and a PhD in exercise physiology combine with professional S&C accreditations in both the UK and the USA to provide him with an in-depth knowledge of human performance and practice. Mikey's programmes have proven to increase strength, speed and power for those who have a strong work ethic and want to optimise their sporting performance.

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